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Using an Agent

Why you need a registered migration agent? 

Not all of you have the same circumstance

You may find that for the same visa class, you may be required to submit different requirements from other applicants who come from a different country.


Migration law is complex and constantly changing

You may also find that sometimes you may no longer meet certain criteria that you have previously met in the same visa application. A common example is the ever-changing English language proficiency requirement. There may also be new requirements that were not previously required when you applied for the same visa class.


You need informed decision

Some people might give you information that are false or misleading. Protect yourself from them.

You might also be overwhelmed with the different visa options or may miss out on getting a successful outcome.


So why wait? Let Marilyn help start your journey.

Marilyn Miro-Bacus
MARN: 1464231

As a registered migration agent, Marilyn is bound by the OMARA Code of Conduct.